Using Olive Oil to Kill Lice

Olive oil is the ideal substance to use to execute head lice. It is non-poisonous, mitigating to the skin and it is sufficiently thick to cover the scalp and the lice connected to it. Lice should be either eliminated with a lice search through or choked out the course of at any rate eight hours to kill them. That makes olive oil simpler and quicker than the cycle of hand picking the lice.

To utilize olive oil to execute lice, the whole scalp should be covered in it. The head lice live straightforwardly on the scalp, snaring onto the scalp with minuscule paw like snares. This makes it hard to pull the bugs from the scalp with a lice brush. In any case, olive oil goes on effectively and will cover all of the lice that you need to murder.

To keep the oil on the head, you can put a shower cap over the hair. This will seal in the oil and keep it in contact with the scalp and the lice. The shower cap should be kept set up for an entire day or over evening. Overnight might be more agreeable and advantageous for you.

Utilizing a lice brush ought to catch up the olive oil treatment. In the event that any lice are left, the brush will dispose of the lice. After your oil lice treatment, wash the hair completely and put conditioner in it. While the conditioner is as yet in the hair, utilize the lice brush to dispose of any lice that remain. Search over all aspects of the hair and afterward wash away the conditioner.